Point out new wonders.

Our lives are busy. There’s so much to do every day that seems mundane. Work, school, money, survival … With our numbing routines and often stressful concerns, it can be difficult to lift our eyes to see the world afresh, to enjoy the truly amazing wonders that surround us!

When we chance to discover a particularly beautiful or inspiring thing, we should pause for a moment, and feel privileged to share that observation with others. It’s a very good deed to spread joy.

Do you glance up and see a cloud that looks like a castle? Point it out!

Do you happen to spy a red-tailed hawk circling in the distance? Share your discovery!

Are spring buds beginning to open? Take a closer look with those around you.

Note the craters on the moon, public art around a corner, sudden smiles on the street, a ray of sunshine, a spider’s web, snowflakes, whatever you happen to discover that renews the spirit and fills you with fresh wonder!

Glut your senses with miracles, and share the feast!

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Place a flag on a hero’s gravesite.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Which brings to mind an idea for a good deed.

I remember seeing a story on the news last Memorial Day. A bunch of Boy Scouts and other volunteers placed small flags on every headstone in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary, where thousands of military heroes are buried.

Perhaps there’s an opportunity to do a similar good deed this Veterans Day. Is there a local cemetary where you might pay tribute to and respectfully remember our brave deceased veterans?

Of course, if you or your group of volunteers would like to place flags, make sure you first get the okay from your local cemetary!

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Hi everyone! Today it’s showery and windy in San Diego–yikes! I’m just sitting here for a bit checking out blogs and surfing the web, and look what I found!

On Cafepress.com, there’s an I HEART GOOD DEEDS design which appears on lots of different stuff, from teddy bears to shirts to shopping bags. Very cool! In a world that’s full of shallow fads and slogans, it’s one message I wouldn’t mind displaying in public!

If you’re not familiar with Cafepress, like other online stores you can use coupon codes at checkout for discounts. If you’re inclined to buy anything, do some googling to find a current coupon code! Perhaps the money you save can be put toward a good deed!

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Help a neighbor put up Christmas lights.

It’s getting chilly outside! The holiday season is approaching fast!

Many in your neighborhood put up Christmas lights and other holiday decorations around Thanksgiving. Do you know a neighbor who could use a little help? Perhaps one way to make Thanksgiving even more special would be to assist an elderly or disabled neighbor hang their Christmas lights!

Neighbors helping each other improves a community, turning strangers into friends. If the meaning of the season includes warming the world with Love, spreading love makes the season even more warm and meaningful!

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Your memories of good deeds.

This blog post is reserved for memories of good deeds!

Do you remember a good deed done for you or for others? Use the comments section below to write a few sentences or short paragraphs to share those personal experiences!

It’s an opportunity to credit and thank those, including strangers, who’ve improved this world and our lives with simple acts of kindness!

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Donate unused tickets.

Bought tickets for a game or concert, but your plans changed unexpectedly? Don’t let those tickets go to waste. Donate them to someone who’d really, really appreciate it!

Many charitable organizations would be thrilled to receive a few complimentary tickets. Those tickets can be put directly into the hands of extremely unfortunate or severely challenged people who have little or no opportunity to enjoy the events that you and I might take for granted. Or they might be put into the hands of special people who deserve a special thank you, such as service members.

A ticket for a happy experience should never go wasted. For some, good times are hard to come by. Or really well-deserved.

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Inspire kids at a local school.

Does your local school have a Career Day? Be a part of it!

Whatever you do for a living–even if it’s driving a garbage truck–your work is both important and interesting. To young people who know little or nothing about your particular profession, it’s absolutely fascinating.

Inspire children, expand their potential, stoke their natural enthusiasm for growth and learning…you can help to do this just by offering a few words.

Some of those children might have less than involved parents. Your presence at Career Day, as a role model, might be the key moment that inspires a young person to do tremendously big things with his or her life.

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