Teach someone to read.

Many adults in your community are eager to become literate. You can help them!

At the San Diego Public Library, over 150 people are on the waiting list for a free adult literacy program. Volunteer literacy tutors are constantly needed. I suspect this is true in many cities.

Perhaps, as a good deed, you could spread the gift of reading!

Many of your neighbors cannot read or write well enough to perform many everyday tasks. This makes their lives unnecessarily difficult. And they miss out on many wonderful things in life that you and I take for granted.

Reading is essential for success, and by helping others to read, you will directly improve their lives. You will provide the knowledge that people need to improve their situation. And you’ll help to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Reading also provides one’s life with greater depth and joy. Reading daily inspiration, poetry, novels, letters from loved ones… Personally, I can’t imagine what my own life would be like without the basic ability to read.

This uniquely good deed is of unsurpassed importance. Helping just one person learn to read improves the ENTIRE WORLD…for that one grateful person!

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