Put up a birdhouse.

If it’s a good deed to welcome new neighbors, perhaps it’s a good deed to welcome new flighty, feathered neighbors! Why not add more life and birdsong to your neighborhood (and your own home) by putting up a birdhouse?

For most, birds are a natural source of pleasure. The unique behaviors and vitality, the music, the flashing color, the soaring flight and amazing acrobatics–all provide joy to us earthbound featherless folks. A neighborhood alive with birds is a happier place to live.

Moreover, providing a family of birds with a safe and comfortable home is an act of kindness to our smaller and more fragile fellow creatures. Surely an act done out of kindness is a good deed.

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One Response to Put up a birdhouse.

  1. Correna says:

    It most definately is a kind deed. Love this post, and I love to feed the birds in our feeders, This winter I want to build some birdhouses to put up, so they are ready for spring and the birds coming back. We have a Pheobe who comes back every year and nests above our window, the first year she built her nest, after her first brood, the nest fell down, my husband put a wooden shelf up above the window in the same place, in hopes that she would use it. And she did! for her second brood and every year since! It was wonderful to do and such a wonderful feeling knowing we helped make this little bird that God created a little more comfortable and safe!. Thanks for your post today.

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