Save others from sidewalk poop.

Oh, no! Here comes one of my “pet” peeves! Prepare yourself for one of the most disgusting topics imaginable!

Stepping in dog poop.

I live in a neighborhood filled with condos and apartment buildings. And lots of folks who have dogs. And more than a few of those unconditionally loving pooches have sadly inconsiderate owners. How a person could be so thoughtless and not clean up after their dog aggravates me to no end. Don’t get me started.

Whenever I go for a walk, I must constantly check the sidewalk ahead of me. I’ve stepped in it more than once. Occasionally you’ll see a big doggie poop smear, where someone went for a slide. Good grief!

I used to just grumble about it. But I realized my grumbling accomplished nothing.

So now, when my inner grump is under control, and nothing else is handy, I use a nearby stick to flick poop to the edge of the sidewalk. I figure I might’ve saved some future fellow walker from a stinky catastrophe. A couple days ago I was walking home from 7-11 with a few items in a plastic bag. I used the bag to toss a poop into a trashcan. (Perhaps I should begin carrying a bag in my back pocket.)


It might not be the most saintly or pleasant of good deeds, but it is extremely easy!

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One Response to Save others from sidewalk poop.

  1. buddhasal says:

    That was awesome!! Reminds of the following quote:
    “A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.”-Daisaku Ikeda

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