Point out new wonders.

Our lives are busy. There’s so much to do every day that seems mundane. Work, school, money, survival … With our numbing routines and often stressful concerns, it can be difficult to lift our eyes to see the world afresh, to enjoy the truly amazing wonders that surround us!

When we chance to discover a particularly beautiful or inspiring thing, we should pause for a moment, and feel privileged to share that observation with others. It’s a very good deed to spread joy.

Do you glance up and see a cloud that looks like a castle? Point it out!

Do you happen to spy a red-tailed hawk circling in the distance? Share your discovery!

Are spring buds beginning to open? Take a closer look with those around you.

Note the craters on the moon, public art around a corner, sudden smiles on the street, a ray of sunshine, a spider’s web, snowflakes, whatever you happen to discover that renews the spirit and fills you with fresh wonder!

Glut your senses with miracles, and share the feast!

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