Your memories of good deeds.

This blog post is reserved for memories of good deeds!

Do you remember a good deed done for you or for others? Use the comments section below to write a few sentences or short paragraphs to share those personal experiences!

It’s an opportunity to credit and thank those, including strangers, who’ve improved this world and our lives with simple acts of kindness!

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5 Responses to Your memories of good deeds.

  1. I’ll kick things off…

    About a week or so ago I had to carry three big, saggy, semi-heavy boxes up a couple floors for work. I hustled toward the elevator with boxes stacked awkwardly in arms, already in a less-than-pleasant mood because of the ordeal. And there in front of me the elevator doors are closing. Good grief! It must be Murphy’s Law. Now I’m getting downright grumpy.

    But, lo! Suddenly the doors opened and a cheery voice said: “You made it!” One of our clients had hit the Door Open button when they saw me approaching. “Which floor?” she asked, then pressed the button. Immediately my mood changed. The load became lighter. All because someone was kind enough to hit a couple buttons and greet me smiling.

    Her small, simple good deed improved my afternoon, and for that I’m very grateful!

  2. While we were camping in England we had trouble with our cooking equipment. A couple in another tent brought theirs over. They said that they were heading out for the day and we could use it. It was the first time we had a warm breakfast in almost a week.

    Their good deed is something that we haven’t forgotten.

  3. This blog is a great blog that inspired me to contemplate gratitude, good actions and thankfulness .

    A couple of weeks ago, right the very moment when I was thinking that there is not much thankfulness and gratitude in this world, I got a text message from a stranger I met on a plane a couple of month ago. It was her first time to travel to the United States. I helped her with some of the forms you have to fill out, comforted some trouble relating to fear of flying in a plane long distance for the first time and gave some – so I thought – random small advices from my first experience long time ago when i was flying there for the first time.

    A few month later she texted to thank me, saying the advices were very helpful etc. People usually don’t do that. I like your blog because the whole idea of good deeds is that you help and don’t expect returns, sometimes you help strangers and don’t even expect a ‘thank you’ – while if you do that what you get is only bitterness and the kind of wrong mood i was in when I got that text message. Lesson learned, I hope and thanks to strangers for taking time to remember and saying thanks. Sometimes just saying thanks for a good action even if that is not usually done or necessary is in itself a good actions 🙂

  4. noharady says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this post, because it gives us room to express gratitude and to feel blessed. Here’s my memory of a good deed. Cheers!
    Exactly one year ago, I was visiting a friend in Cleveland, Ohio. I was due to fly home early on a Sunday morning. I live in Cairo, Egypt. So, if I miss that flight, I miss the next! I had my handbag, a carry-on, and my one piece of luggage which was exactly 23 kg. When the cab arrived, I dragged my bags to the elevator and waited. And waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes later, I realized it wasn’t gonna come. So I dragged my stuff back into the apartment, took the ten flights down looking for the super who was obviously not around at 7 am on Sunday. So, I went out to the cab driver to explain my dilemma and ask him to bear with me till I figured it out.
    His name was Patrick, and his immediate response, was “I’d hate for you to miss your flight. What floor ‘ you on?”. I said tenth floor, but my bags are too heavy for anyone to carry, and that I was just gonna try to wake someone up. But, he was already on the stairs, I followed him up – panting. He simply carried both my bags down again for me and drove me to the airport.
    Every time I remember that, I can’t believe a random stranger was so randomly kind to me. Without Patrick’s kindness, I would have been stuck in airports for the next day and a half. Thank you, Patrick.

  5. candress says:

    While caring for a sick husband and holding down a full time job, my back yard garden got severely neglected. It is a large garden with flagstone paths going form one end to the other. I planted impatiens and colored coleus in the two rotundas. Ed and I used to enjoy sitting on the bench together, soaking in the peaceful atmosphere and holding hands. It broke my heart to see it being over run with weeds.
    One day, my friend Carolyn pulled into my driveway and pulled a large bucket, a rake and some gardening gloves out of her car. When I asked what she was doing, she replied, “Giving you and Ed your garden back.”
    And she did.
    That was two years ago and I may not have remembered every word of the conversation we had, but I often think of her act of kindness, She blessed us.

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