Offer to fill in for a coworker.

Here’s another idea for a good deed! (This one might be less easy than others.)

Do you know someone at work who’d like some time off? They’d like a vacation, or they want to attend a special event, but the boss isn’t yielding. Because work needs to get done.

Perhaps you could offer to fill in for your coworker!

The Golden Rule is the fundamental spark of most good deeds. It propels the beat of a golden heart. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Even if the extra work is tedious or burdensome, by doing an unselfish act for another, you are ascending to the very highest level of human virtue.  Think of that!

What’s more, it’s absolutely one-hundred percent certain your work will be greatly appreciated!

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One Response to Offer to fill in for a coworker.

  1. Julia Kovach says:

    Nicely done! Good deeds ARE easy! Thanks for the “like” on my blog! I’ve joined yours now and look forward to many more of your posts! Take care of your precious self! xoJulia

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