Start a family scrapbook.

Our lives are mostly defined by what we’ve done: what is past. With the slow fading of memory, that past recedes into oblivion.

The lives of your children, grandchildren and generations to come will be defined in part by memories of your family’s life today. So it is vitally important to remember.

Do a good deed for those future generations! Assemble a collection of memories!

How? By scrapbooking!

Buy a scrapbook, then proceed to fill it with clippings and photos and writings and announcements taken from important moments in your family’s life: births, birthdays, vacations, graduations, achievements, special occasions, weddings, anniversaries, new homes, new careers, fun experiences, sporting events, concerts, kid activities, grandchild activities, and every meaningful, life-filled event. Once one scrapbook is filled, begin another. Fill whole shelves with your scrapbooks! They’ll become prized reading material!

This important good deed is not only rewarding, it’s just plain fun!

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