Just a simple “Thank you.”

At times, everyone can be small. Thoughtless, self-serving, self-absorbed.

But every one of us can also be very large. We can become as universe-embracing as the brightest philosophers, and as elevated as the angels.

There are a few short phrases that, like a warm breath of air, expand our souls immediately. One such phrase is “I love you.” Another easy phrase is: “Thank you.”

A simple spoken “thank you” is a generous act that rewards generosity. It strengthens the common bond and humanity of two people, both the giver and the receiver of appreciation.

The words are a heartfelt handshake between two souls. The words are a bow to the importance of each life. The words induce reflection. The words annihilate pettiness.

Two small and very easy words.

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4 Responses to Just a simple “Thank you.”

  1. lynnhw says:

    That’s so true. A simple “thank you” means a lot.

  2. So true. So powerful. As are the words “I’m sorry.”

  3. Bren says:

    That is so true, just those two words of Thank You and I’m Sorry mean such a lot to a person.

  4. It seems that the simpler the gifts we can share, the more meaningful and powerful they can be, and this is certainly an example.

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