Perhaps walk today, pick up litter.

Today would be a great day to go for a small morning or evening walk; or perhaps a short walk during lunchtime. You could bring a bag and pick up litter, as well!

I know that I get angry when I see folks throwing trash on the sidewalk and out of their car windows. And I get even angrier when it occurs to me that there are people who will always do this.

But doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

A cleaner environment is good for the world and good for the souls who live in it. Making our world more beautiful, even in a small and perhaps temporary way, has a definite positive impact on those around you.

What’s more–walking is good for your health. And most cans or bottles that you find can be recycled…and you might make a little money! That certainly wouldn’t hurt!

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One Response to Perhaps walk today, pick up litter.

  1. betty andover says:

    Very good idea! I love walking!

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